Hello! My name is Victoria and in this blog, I will share a lot of things about me and my fascination for learning.

What you should know about me

I remember my mother telling me how I exhibited a love for learning since I was very small. It started with me loving to read and learning new words. I was always interested in looking at photos and trying to figure out what they are all about. My love of learning probably stemmed from the moments I spent looking at books.

At the young age of 2, I was already begging my parents to let me go to school. My mother remembered how I would wake up early and look out the window to observe the kids walking to school. When the time came for me to start going to school, I remember feeling ecstatic about it.

Since then, I have always liked learning something new. I have been called a nerd and a genius in school. I was always reading something or observing. My thirst for learning was never really quenched.

Now, several years later, I am still hungry to learn more. I am now in my early 30s and I have a couple of degrees on me. I live in Oxford – which is great because it places me near one of the best universities in the world.

Oxford is in the South East region of England – a city that is known for being the home of the University of Oxford. It is actually one of the oldest English-speaking university. This is one of the reasons why I live in this city. Of course, it is a beautiful city and I am lucky to have found a job as a preschool teacher in this area. The proximity of the university makes it even more perfect. It gives me the opportunity to learn something new.

I have always believed that the mental and intellectual growth of a person is just as important as taking care of your physical health. This is why I have such a hunger for learning. It certainly keeps me sharp and efficient in everything that I do.

About the website

Now that you have learned something about me, you are probably wondering what you can expect from this website.

Mostly, this site will be all about education. I will be giving you tips and facts about education in general. I will not try to convince you to become a scholar but I will try to give you several reasons why education is generally important. It will probably give you an idea why I have spent a lot of my time learning new courses and getting a couple of degrees.

There have been so many changes when it comes to education and you will learn more about that on this website. You will also get to know some of the best universities that you can go to for learning – as well as your options to learn online. I am currently interested in the online gaming industry. You will learn more about that as you explore this site.

Hopefully, once you are done with this website, you will not just know more about me. You will also realise how valuable a proper education can be in your life.