Education For The iGaming Industry

The iGaming industry is growing. That means it will require a lot of people to work in it. The demand for online gambling and games, in general, is increasing. As people spend more and more time online and on their mobile phones, the appeal of playing online becomes greater.

What is the igaming industry?

But what exactly is this industry all about?

iGaming is also referred to as online gambling. It is now one of the fastest growing digital industries right now. In fact, global sales have reached $61 billion back in 2015 – and there is no sign that it will be slowing down in the next few years.

This is actually why this industry has got me interested. I have experienced playing a couple of online casino games. Slot machines are my favourite. I love learning but there are times that my mind wants to rest. During these times, I find myself wanting to play online slot games because I get the chance to win progressive jackpots.

The iGaming industry covers several areas. You have the virtual casinos – which is where I play slot machines. There is also the interactive gambling. Of course, betting on online sporting events is also part of this industry.

Because of the phenomenal growth of this industry, you may want to take advantage of the job opportunities that you can grab. But to get a job, you need to be qualified for it first.

Different types of studies to work in the igaming industry

There are different studies that you can pursue to be able to join the iGaming industry. The study would depend on the specific job that you will pursue.


This industry happens online. That means a lot of coding is needed. You can be a coder so you can create applications that will help online casinos and similar websites function. When you learn how to code, you can actually branch out to get a job across various industries online. Among the studies you can concentrate on includes software development, computer science, and other courses about information technology.

Network security

This is another study that you can pursue and be eligible across various online industries. This particular job is something that is particularly needed in the iGaming industry. With this course, you will be given the task of a security specialist. You will be responsible for securing all the information on the site and whatever is being exchanged. Courses or training in the field of telecommunications will also be considered an asset.

Live dealer

There is a dealer school that will help train you to be a live dealer online. This will require at least a high school diploma from you. There is actually a huge demand for live dealers in Europe – since the online gambling industry is growing very fast here.

So far, these are among the best jobs that you can pursue in the iGaming industry. But your options are not limited here. You can opt to get hired by online casinos like LeoVegas Casino, Guts Casino, and Dunder Casino. There is many online casinos to choose from, read more at Or you can go and get a job with the gaming regulatory agencies. There are so many opportunities to work in this growing industry but you have to know what profession you want to pursue. This will give you an idea what type of education you need to complete to be qualified for the job.