Education In The Past And Nowadays

Education in the past is different from what we have nowadays. Knowing the history of education will certainly make you appreciate it more.

Now, the main thing that you will notice about the school system is the way technology is slowly but surely revolutionising how things are done. We now have online courses that allow students to learn even from afar. There is also the option to use eBooks instead of buying the actual one from a bookstore. There are so many changes happening around us and if you love learning like I do, it will really get you excited.

How education was different then and now

So how was the education in the past different today?

For one, education was not available for everyone. It was only when the 1944 Education Act was implemented that free education was guaranteed for all children living in England and Wales. This act was responsible for dividing the different educational institutions into primary and secondary schools. It also changed the “school leaving age” to 15, and then in 1972, to 16. These are only some of the prominent changes that education had to go through over the years. Of course, not all of these happened overnight.

But nevertheless, there are a lot of changes that happened and when you think about it, these are just reflective of how society changed over the years. Here are some of the most noteworthy of the changes that happened to education in the past.

Student punishment

Did you know that punishment inside the classroom was rampant back in the day? The teachers used physical punishment to discipline students. Even something as simple as having messy hair can be punished with the cane. This went on until the 20th century.


The educational system separated the boys and the girls as soon as they reached secondary school. It was believed that they should learn different subjects. Not only that, if the child has special needs, they will not receive the same education as the rest. In fact, there is hardly a curriculum designed specifically for their needs. Of course, that is no longer the case because now, the children receive the same education regardless of gender and needs.


In the past, students did not really care less for getting high marks. They can get low grades and still have the chance to get a job. They can quit in the middle of school and still have a job. Now, it is all about the grades. If you get high marks, you get to have better chances at getting a great job.


Obviously, technology plays a big role in changing the education in the past into something more modern. There are so many changes that happened because of it. For one, we now have elearning. Online courses are available through the Internet so people can get a degree even without leaving their home. The use of tablets and mobile devices are also changing how students are being taught.