Interesting Education Facts

Getting to know education facts will make learning a lot more interesting. You will be amazed at some of the things that you never knew about getting an education.

So let us satisfy your curiosity for a minute and give you the best facts about education in the UK and around the world.

Interesting facts about education in the UK

Here are some of the interesting facts that you might want to know about education in the UK.

First school

The very first school that was set up was done by the Greeks and Chinese. These schools can be found across England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales. Despite that, it was only after the Education Act of 1944 that secondary education became free for all in England and Wales.

Oldest universities

The oldest university that is English-speaking is the University of Oxford. It was founded in 1096 AD. the University of Cambridge comes in second. A group of scholars founded it in 1209. This group left the University of Oxford after a dispute.

On and off school

There is this one school on Caldey Island where the school has to open and close several times. This is because the student population continues to rise and fall over the years.

Biggest and smallest school

The biggest school in the UK usually have a population of 2,000 students. But if you really want to know what the biggest school is in the world, it has to be City Montessory in Lucknow, India. This school has a student population of 32,000.

When it comes to the smallest school in the UK, we have the Holy Island Church of England First School. There are usually less than half a dozen students enrolled at one time.

Tertiary education

The UK lands the 8th spot among the countries that have the most people with a tertiary degree. The top three countries are Russia, Canada, and Japan.

Speaking of countries, why don’t we get to know the education facts that are specific to other countries.

Facts about education around the world

Here are some of the countries with really interesting education facts.

Finland – school starts at 7

We all know how the children in Finland rank high on international tests. But most of us do not know that their formal education only starts when they are in their 7th year. Of course, that does not mean the kids stay at home. They have a high-quality of daycare or preschool programs to prepare them for their formal schooling.

India – mandatory self-defense for girls

Crimes against women in India are quite high. This is why it is mandatory for girls to learn self-defense at a young age. This allows them to fight off people who want to cause them harm. The boys are also being schooled when it comes to being for respectful of women.

North Korea – the anti-American mindset

This may not be surprising at all. Most students are taught to have an anti-American mindset even at an early age. They actually have military games where they pretend to knock down Americans.

South Korea – school rules

In South Korea, they have interesting rules in school. For instance, children are not allowed to immediately leave the classroom after a lesson. They have to stay behind to clean up. Non-academic subjects are also given importance – like physical education, music, etc.

France – serious school lunches

Meal-time is very important in French schools. They make sure the children are given a full “adult-like” meal like grilled salmon. The children are expected to learn about food during this time and that includes good manners and proper etiquette while eating.

What do you think of all these education facts? Aren’t they interesting?